About Vicsail Melbourne-Geelong - we bring unparalleled experience in yacht and boat sales and combine it with expertise knowledge of the industry, culture and lifestyle.

Vicsail Melbourne & Vicsail Geelong are both owned and operated by Scott Taylor.

We are all equals in this adventure which combined with the National network of Vicsail provides Vendors and buyers alike a unique Team at their disposal to ensure your dreams become a reality.

Vicsail Melbourne

Vicsail Melbourne is run from our Docklands office and covers the entire Eastern Side of Port Phillip Bay from Sorrento to Williamstown and ably supported by the crew at Geelong Office.

First and foremost we are sailors ourselves and also Yacht owner’s thus we have a sound knowledge of the area, weather conditions and what to expect in Port Phillip Bay.

We are committed to fostering the sport of Yachting in Victoria and actively sponsor various Regatta’s in the region. Our passion for sailing and simply being out on the water was the driving force for us to purchase, invest and rebuild the Brand of Vicsail in Melbourne & Geelong.

Vicsail Geelong

Some might say we have one of the best offices in Australia being located on the protected waters of Corio Bay at Royal Geelong Yacht Club which is of course our home for sailing. With over 30 years each membership to RGYC we have an enviable network of Friends, Marine experts in so many fields and simply one of the safest and most beautiful regions of Australia to sail. The Bellarine Peninsular offers so many points to simply berth,  anchor, go ashore and enjoy the local hospitality at various wineries and eateries.

We are very proud sponsors of RGYC and look forward to the Annual “ Festival of Sails” on Australia Day and the Bi-Annual Wooden Boat Festival both of which we highly recommend to anyone interested in Yachts and sailing. Bill & Allicia are active members of their yacht club and participate in so many ways to assist both experienced and newcomers alike to the experiences of sailing.

If you are looking for a Yacht or simply want to go sailing, please give us a call and we shall get you started. Please check out our News section for full details of all sailing events in our region.

Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor has been sailing for over 45 years, starting in dinghies and now sailing and racing Marie Louise III a 1953 Huon Pine International 8 Mtr. Scott is an internationally accredited Yachtmaster Offshore Instructor with the RYA and has accumulated over 70,000 sea miles throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean. Scott is an active member at clubs around Australia and can assist with selling, purchasing (Buyers Advocate), deliveries and maintenance.

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